The Outsiders


THE OUTSIDERS is a union that implements service to people, the environment and to the society. We create sustainable alternative contexts through emergent forms of social engagement.THE OUTSIDERS believes that sustainability has no ultimate meaning. Play together in order to know best!

Through public art and architecture THE OUTSIDERS construct spaces in order to understand the city and it’s shared existence. Learn by doing is the motto.

THE OUTSIDERS intervenes, in collaboration with different organizations and citizens, on long term and temporary projects in- or outside.

Public space begins from your dining table and extends to your neighbourhood. A civic dialogue can be open between you and the people who take part conscious or not of THE OUTSIDERS.

THE OUTSIDERS is founded by architect Txell Blanco and artist Asia Komarova in collaboration with different State and non governmental organisations and citizens. In 2016 the community has grown to five members, including Irina Kroeze, Michiel de Roo, and Manja Rijken. From 2018 the Outsiders are collaborating with Casco Art Institute, Working for the commons. and had embraced new members as Merel Zwarts, Kim van der Zijde, Lara Berkeveld and Leonardo de Siqueira. At the moment the organization consist of four members with additional support of Pieter Veen and Britt Dorenbosch.