The Outsiders

This summer 2023, The Outsiders will continue their long-running research program Traveling Farm Museum For Forgotten Skills within the Stadscamping, at RAUM. A project in collaboration with public art curator Theo Tagelaars.


For this project, which will take place on July 28, 29 and 30 and August 4, 5 and 6, the Outsiders will explore different ideas about camping in an urban context with residents from the area.


Camping or an encampment can be experienced in different ways. The first association is often reconnecting with nature, but certainly in this day and age also with the idea of ​​a refuge. In this “urban camping” project, we invite people to share their camping experience and its different experiences.


The Outsiders invite the participants of the project to set up an encampment together. With the pre-collected materials and on the basis of this intention, the research begins. We explore our surroundings and exchange ideas about the reasons that may lead to building the encampment. What is the function of a tent? Can it serve a common purpose? What is it supposed to protect us from in an urban environment? We will fill the weekend with a series of exercises to map the environment, deepen our discussion and ultimately build a shared shelter. During the second week, The Outsiders invites the participants to repeat the exercises in the forest. What can we learn about camping in this environment? And how do we then bring this new knowledge and experience back to Berlin Square? Here we will further furnish and decorate the encampment with a collection of proposals, ideas and sketches, telling us about what is indoors and outdoors and how this helps us understand how to shape our lives in both the urban and natural environment.